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New report shows B.C. can lead on EV battery recycling

A new report from the Pembina Institute and BCMLR partner, Northern Confluence Initiative, demonstrates that B.C.’s role as an early adopter of electric vehicles (EVs) creates a significant economic and environmental opportunity: to secure a regional leadership role in recycling metals and minerals from EV batteries at end-of-life.

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Busting the Industry and British Columbia’s ‘Sustainable’ Mining Myths – Backgrounder

On September 13th, the Mining Association of Canada presented its ‘Towards Sustainable Mining’ (TSM) standard at the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. MiningWatch Canada and the BC Mining Law Reform (BCMLR) network released this backgrounder on these voluntary standards, which the B.C. government often refer to even as it ignores pressure from the public and First Nations to improve its legal and regulatory controls on mining…

Mount Polley Mine Loses at Environmental Appeal Board

MiningWatch Canada is relieved that the BC Environmental Appeal Board (EAB) has dismissed Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley Mine appeal of its $9,000 fine for violating environmental permit requirements. The mining watchdog urges the BC government to beef up its environmental sanctions and stop ongoing water pollution in Quesnel Lake.

New Map Shows Dozens of Mine Pollution Threats in B.C.

Today, SkeenaWild and the BC Mining Law Reform network released new maps pointing to over a hundred known and potentially contaminated mine waste sites that threaten to pollute waters, fish habitat and communities across the province.

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