Podcast episode #6: Reform the Mineral Tenure Act w/ Nikki Skuce

Listen to the podcast audio: EPISODE DESCRIPTION In this episode of Beneath the Surface, we sit down with Nikki Skuce, Director of the Northern Confluence Initiative and co-chair of BC Mining Law Reform, to dive deep into the reform process for British Columbia’s Mineral Tenure Act (MTA). Nikki brings to light the historical context of… Read more »

Podcast episode #5: Selenium pollution in the Elk Valley w/ Simon Weibe

Listen to the podcast audio: EPISODE DESCRIPTION This episode of ‘Beneath the Surface’ features an interview with Simon Weibe, a former mineral exploration geologist and Mining Policy and Impacts Researcher with Wildsight. Wildsight recently commissioned a groundbreaking report shedding light on the staggering costs associated with reversing selenium pollution, estimated at $6.4 billion dollars. Simon… Read more »

Podcast episode #4: The Costs of Mining Cleanup w/ Francesca Fionda

Featured image credit: Taehoon Kim / The Narwhal Listen to the podcast audio: EPISODE DESCRIPTION We sit down with Francesca Fionda, a reporter from The Narwhal, to discuss the recent investigation she led into BC’s mining reclamation funding. Our discussion focuses on the significant shortfall in the funds set aside for reclamation—sometimes referred to as… Read more »

Podcast episode #3: Pitfall w/ Christopher Pollon

Christopher Pollon is a freelance journalist and author whose work focuses on the environment, business and the politics of natural resources. His writing has been published by National Geographic, The Globe and Mail, The Guardian, Mother Jones, and many other publications. He is a contributing editor at The Tyee. And he is the author of… Read more »

Podcast Episode #2: The Gitxaała v BC Case w/ Gavin Smith

Featured image credit: Marty Clemens / The Narwhal. Gavin Smith is a staff lawyer with West Coast Environmental Law (WCEL). Gavin’s work with WCEL has included fighting against the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipelines and tankers proposal, the passage and implementation of BC’s new Environmental Assessment Act, and supporting Indigenous Nations to revitalize their own laws…. Read more »

Podcast Episode #1: The BC Mining Law Reform network w/ Nikki Skuce & Jamie Kneen

You can listen to the episode audio here: https://pnc.st/s/beneath-the-surface/b15c9f15/the-bc-mining-law-reform-network-w-nikki-skuce-jamie-kneen. The episode transcript is below. SPEAKERS Umair Muhammad, Jamie Kneen, Nikki Skuce Umair Muhammad 00:06 Welcome to the first episode of Beneath the Surface, a podcast by the BC Mining Law Reform network. Founded in 2019 BCMLR is a network that promotes changes to mineral development… Read more »

An outcropping of land with pine trees sits in the coastal waters on Gitxaała territory with a ridge of mountains in the background. Photo by Paulina Otylia Niechel.

Strong Interim Measures are Necessary to Freeze the Footprint

Dear Premier David Eby, Minister Osborne and Minister Cullen, Our 17 organizations, coalitions and networks want to thank you and extend our support for the recent actions taken by the Government of British Columbia to implement interim measures halting mineral claim registrations and mining activities within the territories of the Gitxaała and Ehattesaht First Nations…. Read more »

BC’s Mining Exploration System Resembles a Ponzi Scheme, Says New Report

A new report by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), a US-based non-profit, sheds light on how the mining industry raises money for mineral exploration. The investigation looked into a common financial strategy known as the Prospect Generator Model (PGM), and in particular at how the model functions across northwestern British Columbia—where it found “a web-like… Read more »

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