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It’s time to clean up mining in B.C. Tell the government to reform its mining laws.

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As British Columbians, we value nature, fresh water and healthy ecosystems. If our laws are strong enough, they can protect our water from pollution, ensure waste dumps do not put communities and watersheds at risk, and make sure mining companies pay to clean up their mess. Right now, they don’t.

The transition to a green energy economy will require some minerals and resources mined in B.C., but we have to do it right and responsibly. Take action now.

The B.C. government must reform and enforce its laws to:

Protect our waters and communities from toxic mine waste

B.C. should ban dangerous mine waste dams that threaten communities and watersheds, and generally prohibit mines that will require perpetual treatment of contaminated water. We need to evaluate risks from the onset and ensure rigorous environmental impact assessments for all mines.

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Modernize one of B.C.’s oldest laws

Mining claims must no longer be allowed to undermine land use planning, Indigenous rights, municipalities, environmental protection, and private property. B.C.’s mineral staking law must require Indigenous consent and meaningful public participation in the assessment of mining activities.

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Ensure mining companies pay to clean up the environmental damage they cause

The B.C. government’s interim reclamation security policy must be strengthened and codified in regulations. We also need an industry-pooled fund to pay for mining disasters, and cleanup when companies go bankrupt.

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Discarded mining equipment lays on red soil in the foreground, with green hills and cloudy mountains in the background

B.C.’s Auditor General’s progress audit still reveals gaps in mine waste safety and cleanup

Two workers wearing fluorescent yellow vests look out over the catastrophic damage after the collapse of the Vale tailings dam in Brumadinho, Brazil.

Updated guidelines on responsible mine waste management


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