BC’s Mining Exploration System Resembles a Ponzi Scheme, Says New Report

A new report by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), a US-based non-profit, sheds light on how the mining industry raises money for mineral exploration. The investigation looked into a common financial strategy known as the Prospect Generator Model (PGM), and in particular at how the model functions across northwestern British Columbia—where it found “a web-like… Read more »

Mining Threats to BC’s Emerging Salmon Habitats – New Study

As glaciers in British Columbia continue to retreat due to climate change, new salmon habitats are emerging. Yet, as a recent scientific study highlights, these same areas are increasingly becoming targets for mining claims. The study, the result of a collaboration between academic and First Nations researchers, is a stark reminder of the need for… Read more »

Screenshot of the tailings map

A new interactive map of tailings dams in B.C.

Together with SkeenaWild Conservation Trust, we have produced an interactive online map of tailings facilities in B.C. The map provides communities with critical information about the risks posed by billions of cubic metres of toxic wet mine waste, called tailings, stored behind some of the highest dams in the world.

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