From Bad to Worse on Mining: Groups Urge B.C. Government to Reform Outdated Laws

As Taseko Mines once again attempts to force its way with an injunction to start drilling in Tŝilhqot’in ancestral territory at Fish Lake (Teztan Biny) without the consent of the Nation, a broad network of citizens, experts, and environmental organizations are calling for urgent reform of BC’s outdated mining laws.

Image of the pipe discharging wastewater from the Mount Polley mine into Quesnel Lake in B.C.

Time to Clean Up Mining in B.C.: Citizens, Indigenous Groups Demand Financial, Legal Reforms

At a news conference in Victoria, a new network of mining-affected communities, experts, and organizations released the first-ever images of a pipeline discharging contaminated mine wastewater. They also launched a roadmap to clean up mining in B.C. that focuses in three areas: water pollution, the polluter-pays principle, and the need to respect local community decisions.

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